The Masterplan


12:00 to 4:00pm
Monday to Sunday, CLOSED Friday

Please be advised that Tyndall Road between Okanagan Centre Rd. W and Camp Road is closed for the next two months for construction. However, the Lakestone Information Centre and Benchlands neighbourhood are still open as Tyndall Road is only closed beyond The Benchlands neighbourhood.


The Lakestone masterplan is unparalleled in the Okanagan. No other community combines such a stunning landscape with such wealth of desirable amenities.

With 550 acres of land and nearly 300 metres of elevation change from the lake edge to Beacon Hill Park, this location provides uniquely spectacular views.

More than half of the land at Lakestone is natural open space, ranging from environmentally sensitive wetlands to rugged rocky outcroppings. To highlight the natural landscape, grading for residential enclaves is minimized wherever possible.