Lakestone Named Canada's Community Development of the Year for 2020
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Poker Run at Lakestone

In addition to our regular Passport to Lakestone Program, we are excited to be partnering with a couple of our resale listing partners this weekend for the “LAKESTONE POKER RUN”! Simply visit each of the following Lakestone Show Homes and resale listings this weekend and at each home, you will receive a card.

  • 1712 Slateview
  • 9443 Ledgestone
  • 9734 Centrestone
  • 9740 Centrestone
  • 1656 Lakestone Drive
  • 1785 Lakestone Drive

Once you’ve visited all of the homes, make the best hand you can and submit it at the Lakestone Information Centre (9678 Benchland Drive) – did we mention we’ll also have wine and cheese on-hand there? The best hand will be chosen at 2 pm and the 1st place winner will receive a Lakestone Swag Bag and gift basket valued at over $150. Additional prizes will also be awarded including various bottles of local wine.

See you then!

Have you met Marc?


Marc Leger relocated to the Okanagan with his wife Sylvia and son Connor in 2012 and has never looked back since.  Aside from work and family, Marc is heavily involved in hockey as a level 3 referee with Hockey Canada and officiates in 4 different leagues throughout the winter.


  • What does a Community Relationship Manager do? As a direct representative of the Developer, I’d say that my main role is to create a cohesive communication channel with all of our stakeholders including residents, lot owners, builders, tradespeople, vendors, council members, neighbours, the municipality and the public at large to deal with the variety of items that come up day-to-day in our development.


  • What inspires you most? There would be several things tied for first. A beautiful sunrise. An equally beautiful sunset. Being the first person on a lake. Reffing a wild and crazy hockey game!   


  • How is it that you landed at Lakestone – was public relations always a passion of yours, and just how did the stars align? I was looking for a departure from the corporate rat race and working in a busy downtown office setting. After I met the MCL team for my first interview and had a chance to visit the development for the first time, I was hooked.  The idea of coming to this beautiful setting every day and being part of this project was extremely appealing to me at this stage in my career.  While I’ve never had a title that included the words “public” and “relations”, I’ve been trying to help people be successful, have great outcomes, arrive at solutions and resolve issues all of my professional life.  My job at Lakestone is really no different. So far, most of my interactions have been great and I haven’t had to pull out my whistle and toss anyone in the penalty box just yet LOL


  • What’s on your playlist? I actually don’t have a playlist. I enjoy listening to whatever is playing around me or on the radio. Apart from songs that scream at me, I like all kinds of tunes.


  • Favorite book and why?I don’t really do much “pleasure reading” anymore, I’ve taken to listening to podcasts and news radio instead.  On long solo drives, I’ll listen to an audio book or two.


  • Why did you move to the Okanagan?My wife had a unique opportunity to transfer here for her job. Being the supportive husband I am, I said SURE let’s move there.  Sight unseen I might add!


  • What’s a perfect day look like to you?Getting up early for a game of golf or some tennis. Brunch with my friends. A cold beer in the afternoon. Cooking dinner for my guests. Finishing the day on my deck admiring the view and nodding off in my comfy deck chair.


  • If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? I spent a combined 5 years living and working in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia in my mid 20’s.  I’d love to retrace my steps and go back to see how these places have changed and progressed.  


  • What is the one thing most people would find most surprising about you?  Something most people don’t know about you? I think people who don’t know me well would describe me as quite serious and calculated. I can be that but I also love to joke around and have a laugh and take people along for the ride.  I can be sarcastic (especially as a referee), I can dish it out and I can take it too which is a must.


  • Favorite sports, interests, past-times, hobbies? Hockey through and through.  I’ve played for 30 years now, coached competitively for 17 years and typically referee 10 games a week during the season.  In the summer months I love being at the cabin or the trailer, enjoying the climate and  lifestyle we’re all here to take advantage of.


  • What do you like most about Lakestone? I really enjoy the people I’ve met here so far.  Whether it’s my colleagues, our builders or our residents and future residents, everyone involved with Lakestone seems genuinely interested in creating something really special here and that’s incredibly motivating for me.


  • Any words of advice? Don’t take yourself too seriously and remember that the power of humor should never be underestimated. It can be a great tool in making people feel at ease, in building trust and in getting people through a challenging situation or time. 


Meet the Hefkeys

We were fortunate to sit down and hear from Dan and Maryann Hefkey on the August long weekend to hear their story of how they came to build a home to live in at Lakestone, as well as their take on this very special community. We’re sure you will agree that it’s people like the Hefkeys that help make Lakestone what it is today and for the many years to come.


Hefkeys: Our kids were out west in Whistler, so we explored all options on-line from Osoyoos to Vernon. Osoyoos was interesting because it’s a warm climate and has lots of wineries, but as many businesses and activities tend to shut down in the winter, we started looking towards Penticton, Summerland, Peachland, and as far north as Vernon – we looked at absolutely everything. Initially we weren’t looking to build, but after considering all available options, building a home just made sense. We spent one month renting in West Kelowna to really get to know the area. We had a realtor, and on our first day here, he brought us to Lakestone Waterside (to Travertine). We were immediately impressed and started building our home in 2015 and officially moved into our home at Lakestone in 2016. We were one of the first here, and, because it’s a new community, we realized there wasn’t an established social network for people new to the area, so we created a Facebook group, and organized community potlucks at “the Hub” (The Lake Club) every 2nd week to introduce new neighbours – some who come from all across Canada – that want to mingle and get to know each other. Before the new neighbours move in, we welcome them to the Lakestone Facebook group, so they can get plugged in and learn everything about their community. It’s easy making friends at Lakestone. Everyone blends well, and there’s lots of opportunity to get involved. The Lake Club has become the hub of the community where all are welcome.  Others have initiated Women’s Wine Wednesdays, and the ever so popular High Intensity Interval Training in the pool.  Both are well attended.  Some of our other activities include rowing or swimming across to Lake Okanagan Resort, with others who kayak or paddle along with us. The Lake Club is our true community hub. Neighbourhood kids put on an annual July long weekend talent show as part of the potluck now…singing, violin, ukulele, magic card tricks, dancing, ballet, and more. One grandfather even played guitar as his two granddaughters sang a song they co-wrote.


Hefkeys: We had to have a view, or we weren’t leaving our home in Ontario. Wherever we moved, it had to be better than what we were leaving, which was a lovely home on the golf course near a ski hill, with great neighbours in Ontario. You have to make a checklist and be clear on your wants and needs. We checked out many mountain and lake view properties, but nothing compared to the views at Lakestone. We were uncompromising on having a spectacular lake view.  Aside from that, proximity to an airport was paramount, and next, we had to do a bike test, to see if we could go cycling here. We can literally leave our back door and bike for 60 kms and not be on a busy highway, fighting for road space. (Cyclists in Ontario often have to drive 1.5 hours outside Toronto just to find a safe place to ride).  We ride down the road from our house toward Pebble Beach in Okanagan Centre, up Oceola Road, across Highway 97 and up Oyama Road, and around Oyama to Pelmewash Way, and along the rail trails as far north as Vernon, or throughout Kelowna. The rail trails are great and enjoyed by all kinds of outdoors enthusiasts including families, cyclists, hikers, joggers, dog-walking, dog park, boaters…people trekking from all over the Okanagan.


Hefkeys: We love how Macdonald Communities (MCL) integrated the recreational aspects like The Lake Club and The Centre Club from the beginning, including a gorgeous hiking trail between Waterside and the Benchlands, which is frequented by families, children and their pets. If you’re an avid pickle baller, you will love it here, and they even added tennis and basketball courts – the latter of which is also suitable for ball hockey. The amenities are incredible, and you don’t have to wait for them to be built like some other communities. They are here now.  With the connection of Tyndall Rd to Camp Road, there’s a handy alternative to cycle, or walk the long widely-paved sidewalks, and we’re within walking distance of some of the best Okanagan wineries. There’s always something to do, whether it’s the arts and crafts events at the wineries, Creekside Theatre plays and musical performances, “Live in Lake Country” – a free weekly summer open-air music event for all of the community to enjoy, the Arts Tour in August, or the Art Walk in the Fall. As a former Strata council member and Director on the Amenities Association, Dan worked closely with the ownership team of MCL, and appreciated how much they were willing to listen to the wants and needs of the community. 


Hefkeys: We’re really looking forward to The Centre Club opening. Once the Benchlands community is at 85% occupancy, the existing Centre Club building will be to ready to open up with a large gym, yoga and Pilates studio, community room, pool and hot tubs, men’s and ladies’ changerooms, and a possible coffee/wine bar. It’s also great having a Community Relations Manager here also, as there’s lots of communication, and we know things are being looked after whenever they’re brought to the developer’s attention.


Hefkeys: There is so much to discover. No word of a lie, every morning we wake up, raise the blinds, look out on Lake Okanagan, and might even spot an osprey or an eagle and say “Oh my God…we live here!” We’ll look at each other and ask, “What are we going to do today?” Today, after this interview, we’re going for a four-hour hike, then we are going to do some paddle boarding, prepare supper, have a nice glass of wine on the deck and relax. We feel so blessed to live in such a wonderful community with such great people. We plan on staying here forever. We’re not leaving!


Hefkeys: We just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary in Lake Louise. We met just before doing volunteer work in Africa for two years. One year in we were engaged, then married. Adventure has always been the common denominator, and we definitely find that excitement living here at Lakestone.


Hefkeys: Lake Country has so much to offer. We can walk or zip down the hill on our bikes for a great cup of coffee at the Salty Caramel or the Museum, or head over to The Coffee House on Bottom Woodlake Road. Even though we have gyms here, if we want classes, we can work out at any of the local gyms like Crave Fitness with its many classes, Bodyz in Motion, Invati Yoga, or 24-Hour Fitness. We’ve found other hidden gems too like the many hiking trails including Spion Kopj, and if you have an ebike you can easily ride, pretty effortlessly, all the way to Kelowna for coffee. If you want to explore north, we’ve found great places like Friesen’s in Lavington, the Vernon Farmer’s market, and love Pane Vino Pizzeria at Gatzke’s Fruit Stand in Oyama. Fresh fruit and vegetables are in abundant supply at various farm gates like the 3lbs of asparagus we bought for $7.50, and the peaches at Wendel’s. Grocery stores and other shops are about 5 minutes away. We looked at other neighbourhoods with nice views, but after talking to people in their communities, we weren’t excited about dealing with 30 or 40 minutes of traffic to get to a store.


Hefkeys: We’re going to Kilimanjaro in October with Mike and Lori Wright, another adventurous Lakestone Waterside couple, so we have been working our way through a trail book and have discovered other great trails like Ellison Park (toward Predator Ridge), Enderby Cliffs, Black Knight (east of Black Mountain), McCurdy Rim (near Shannon Lake/Rose Valley Rim). We’ve been doing a lot of biking and hiking to get ready, and appreciate all the advice provided by neighbours.


Hefkeys: In making a decision to move, you have to be very settled in your mind on what you’re looking for. For us, #1 was the view – it had to be spectacular, and #2 was deciding whether we were comfortable building or not. Envision a check list, similar to planning our trip to Kilimanjaro. Ask yourself, what’s available here/there? Know what you want and need, and make sure it checks all your boxes. Be willing to spend some time in that community to see if you like it and talk to people who live there. That’s how we ended up here, and not in Osoyoos or Penticton. People tend to spend more time researching shoes and cars more than a home, and some even buy sight unseen. If you want the buzz of a city, Kelowna’s not that far away, but it’s more about quality of life at Lakestone, it’s the lifestyle, we wanted out of the city, and these days anything you want that you’d find in a mall, can be ordered on-line. We like winters and the sun, and really knew what we wanted as part of our lifestyle. We’d never even heard of Lake Country, let alone Kelowna, or the Okanagan, but it has everything we needed, including a great doctor and dentist, and some of the best medical infrastructure anywhere. If you want a senior’s community, it’s not that. There’s just the right cross section of people here, where everyone is valued and feels at home in the community. There’s mutual respect amongst all ages and the whole community feels cohesive.


Hefkeys: For some, this is an opportunity to leave the big city, and live the Okanagan dream, or be mortgage free. There’s no speculation tax in Lake Country, which is a big plus. The community appeals to younger families and retirees. Residents are as diverse as Lakestone itself; there’s so much variety. As one example, we have neighbours from Fort McMurray who have made this their primary residence.

People here love to contribute and look out for their neighbours. If you need anything, someone is bound to have exactly what you’re looking for or knows someone who does. It’s hard for us to walk down the street, without someone saying hello, or inviting us in for a glass of wine. Everyone is so interesting and contributes in their own way. Whether it’s giving someone a ride to the airport or even taking you out on their boat…you don’t have to own a boat and Kicking Back’s boat rental service is handy here in the community. There are so many people from different places, with diverse backgrounds, and incredible resources and lifetimes of experience.  For example, someone who can maintain a pool, or teach someone’s child about science.

While Lakestone isn’t a gated community, it feels very safe, so you don’t worry about going for a walk in the neighbourhood. The roads are wider, and people drive responsibly.

Probably 30% of residents currently have Lakestone as their summer home, and 80% of residents are probably from somewhere besides the Okanagan Valley. Approximately 50% are retired. There’s a diverse mix of people at Lakestone and on any given day, you’ll find 20 couples doing something interesting. There’s lots to do if you want to be active. You can pick and choose, whether it’s wineries, golf, boating on the lake, sitting by the pool, or taking your dog for a hike; people love the proximity and access to the lake, trails, great roadways, and proximity to ski hills –  half way between Silver Star or Big White – some of the best skiing you’ll find anywhere. Though there are some multi-generational households, it’s important to note that short term rentals, like AirBnB’s or suites are not supported here – and that’s a good thing. There’s less traffic here and Lakestone is a joy to come home to. This is the perfect place! We don’t regret the decision we made.


Hefkeys: The five best things we’ve ever done 1) meeting each other 2) retiring when and early as we did 3) career choices as an adult-ed teacher and after a career with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) becoming the Commissioner of Community Safety; responsible for policing services, fire, and emergency management including animal welfare for the province…and ironically moved to OPP Opal Peak Place at Lakestone 4) having our children Kyle and Jordan, and 5) moving here to Lakestone.


Grand Opening Event: July 20, From 11am – 2pm

Join us for the Lakestone Grand Opening on Saturday, July 20th as we celebrate the ribbon cutting for our new outdoor sports courts and parks, and officially kick-off of our parade of homes.

The parade of homes, located in the Benchlands neighbourhood, will feature four new showhomes by Destination Custom Homes, Gibson Contracting, Richmond Custom Homes and Candel Custom Homes.

Enjoy some tasty Okanagan treats including skewers, pizza, burgers and gelato. Wyant Auto Group will also be showcasing some of their latest luxury vehicles.

Be sure to pick up your parade of homes passport to enter to win a pair of inflatable SUP boards ($2500 value), plus many more great prizes!

Date: Saturday, July 20
Time: 11 am to 2 pm
Location: Lakestone Info Centre & Show Homes
9678 Benchland Drive, Lake Country, BC

Ribbon cutting and prize draw will commence at 1:30 pm sharp.

Meet the award-winning development team behind Lakestone! Established in 1983, Macdonald Communities Limited (MCL) is a family-owned company responsible for building over 4,000 exceptional homes in Western Canada’s most desirable locations. MCL is committed to making Lakestone the Okanagan’s premier residential development with exceptional lake view homes & unsurpassed amenities.

No Speculation Tax

Unlike the city of Kelowna, the district of Lake Country is exempt from the speculation tax. Property owners at Lakestone are also excluded from this British Columbia wide tax designed to discourage housing speculation and people from leaving homes vacant.

Lakestone’s newest release in the Highlands neighbourhood is selling quickly. For information on these spectacular lakeview homesites, REGISTER today, or visit the Lakestone Information Centre & Show Homes. Current hours and location here > Call 250.766.1213 to speak to a Lakestone representative.


*Lakestone offering and prices are subject to availability and subject to change without notice. E.&O.E.

Boom in Okanagan Vineyards

Much to everyone’s excitement, the Okanagan Valley is seeing a boom in the vineyard scene! The wine industry is witnessing an influx of wineries ranging from small, family-owned boutiques to large, luxury estates. New tasting rooms are opening up and down the Valley to proudly showcase their unique expression and passion.

As the number of vineyard launches reach record highs, it can be hard to keep on top of all the newly available wines. Start by looking for these labels:

Burnt Timber, Kelowna

Tender Hope Winery, West Kelowna

1 Mill Road, Naramata

Echo Bay Vineyard, Okanagan Falls

Scout Vineyard, Similkameen

Nagging Doubt, Kaleden

Birch Block Vineyard, Kaleden

Cliff & Gorge Vineyards, Lillooet

Winemaker’s Cut, Oliver area

Second Chapter Vineyards, Oliver area

Red Horses Vineyard, Oliver area

Granite Bluff Winery, Oliver area

Lakeside Cellars, Osoyoos

Read more about B.C.’s wine country boom here >

Lakestone’s newest release in the Highlands neighbourhood is selling quickly. For information on these spectacular lakeview homesites, REGISTER today, or visit the Lakestone Information Centre & Show Homes. Current hours and location here > Call 250.766.1213 to speak to a Lakestone representative.






*Lakestone offering and prices are subject to availability and subject to change without notice.