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Have you met Marc?

August 31, 2019


Marc Leger relocated to the Okanagan with his wife Sylvia and son Connor in 2012 and has never looked back since.  Aside from work and family, Marc is heavily involved in hockey as a level 3 referee with Hockey Canada and officiates in 4 different leagues throughout the winter.


  • What does a Community Relationship Manager do? As a direct representative of the Developer, I’d say that my main role is to create a cohesive communication channel with all of our stakeholders including residents, lot owners, builders, tradespeople, vendors, council members, neighbours, the municipality and the public at large to deal with the variety of items that come up day-to-day in our development.


  • What inspires you most? There would be several things tied for first. A beautiful sunrise. An equally beautiful sunset. Being the first person on a lake. Reffing a wild and crazy hockey game!   


  • How is it that you landed at Lakestone – was public relations always a passion of yours, and just how did the stars align? I was looking for a departure from the corporate rat race and working in a busy downtown office setting. After I met the MCL team for my first interview and had a chance to visit the development for the first time, I was hooked.  The idea of coming to this beautiful setting every day and being part of this project was extremely appealing to me at this stage in my career.  While I’ve never had a title that included the words “public” and “relations”, I’ve been trying to help people be successful, have great outcomes, arrive at solutions and resolve issues all of my professional life.  My job at Lakestone is really no different. So far, most of my interactions have been great and I haven’t had to pull out my whistle and toss anyone in the penalty box just yet LOL


  • What’s on your playlist? I actually don’t have a playlist. I enjoy listening to whatever is playing around me or on the radio. Apart from songs that scream at me, I like all kinds of tunes.


  • Favorite book and why?I don’t really do much “pleasure reading” anymore, I’ve taken to listening to podcasts and news radio instead.  On long solo drives, I’ll listen to an audio book or two.


  • Why did you move to the Okanagan?My wife had a unique opportunity to transfer here for her job. Being the supportive husband I am, I said SURE let’s move there.  Sight unseen I might add!


  • What’s a perfect day look like to you?Getting up early for a game of golf or some tennis. Brunch with my friends. A cold beer in the afternoon. Cooking dinner for my guests. Finishing the day on my deck admiring the view and nodding off in my comfy deck chair.


  • If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? I spent a combined 5 years living and working in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia in my mid 20’s.  I’d love to retrace my steps and go back to see how these places have changed and progressed.  


  • What is the one thing most people would find most surprising about you?  Something most people don’t know about you? I think people who don’t know me well would describe me as quite serious and calculated. I can be that but I also love to joke around and have a laugh and take people along for the ride.  I can be sarcastic (especially as a referee), I can dish it out and I can take it too which is a must.


  • Favorite sports, interests, past-times, hobbies? Hockey through and through.  I’ve played for 30 years now, coached competitively for 17 years and typically referee 10 games a week during the season.  In the summer months I love being at the cabin or the trailer, enjoying the climate and  lifestyle we’re all here to take advantage of.


  • What do you like most about Lakestone? I really enjoy the people I’ve met here so far.  Whether it’s my colleagues, our builders or our residents and future residents, everyone involved with Lakestone seems genuinely interested in creating something really special here and that’s incredibly motivating for me.


  • Any words of advice? Don’t take yourself too seriously and remember that the power of humor should never be underestimated. It can be a great tool in making people feel at ease, in building trust and in getting people through a challenging situation or time. 


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