Community Amenities


This spectacular $3.5 million facility sets a new standard for amenities, offering a wide range of activities for pleasure-seekers of all varieties. Lakestone’s Lake Club has lived up to its vision of being unrivalled in the Okanagan.

The Lake Club is the perfect setting to gather with family, meet new neighbours and reconnect with old friends. The views are endless, and the memories created will last a lifetime.

The Features

  • Fully equipped fitness centre
  • Swimming pool and two hot tubs
  • Kayak and paddleboard storage just steps from the beach
  • Outdoor kitchen, BBQ, and entertainment area on the pool deck
  • Covered rooftop terrace with fireplace and casual seating
  • His and hers change rooms with both indoor and outdoor shower facilities
  • Direct access to Lakestone Beach





Lakeshore Center Club Cropped

This soon-to-be centerpiece of the Benchlands neighbourhood will become the heart of the Lakestone community. A coffee shop and mail services will make the Centre Club the place to meet your neighbours and create new friendships.

The architecture for the Centre Club is “Contemporary Park Board”, recalling the stone and wood structures often found in historic parks throughout the world. The style is at once familiar, yet appropriate for a forward-looking community like Lakestone.

The Features

The Centre Club features a large workout room and yoga studio with adjacent change rooms and coffee shop. Everything opens up onto the pool terrace, where you can drink in west-facing lake views and beautiful landscaping from the hot tub or pool. Tennis and multi-sport courts, plus open space to toss a frisbee or walk the dog are also found in this Benchlands amenity.


Steps down the trail from the Lake Club is direct lake access. The beach area features an attractive timber pavilion, reflecting the architectural style of Lakestone. Picnic tables and loungers are also available for waterside relaxation. The Lake Club facility features kayak racks and paddleboard storage, allowing you to take advantage of all the lake has to offer.

The natural lake bed and vegetation have been retained to protect this significant Kokanee spawning ground, with specific locations provided for kayak or paddleboard launching. A quiet water area is perfect for a swim, paddle or sail, away from powered watercraft. A community dock 150 metres south of the beach provides those with powered watercraft a location to pick up friends and family for a day on the water.


A 25 km network of excellent hiking trails runs from the lake shore to Summit Park, spanning a 300-metre grade. Views from the summit are panoramic. With Duck, Wood and Kalamalka Lakes to the east, and Okanagan Lake to the north, west and south, these vistas are truly unparalleled in the Okanagan Valley.

The trail hierarchy ranges from narrow historical animal tracks to wider pathways with strategically chosen lookout points. Small parks situated throughout the trail system provide hikers with the opportunity to catch their breath while taking in the views. A series of trail head markers at specific entry points serve to orientate hikers so they can navigate specific routes throughout the site.

Lakestone trail system


Perched on the highest point of land at Lakestone, Beacon Hill Park is a peaceful space. A primary destination for hikers, the park can also act as an activity space for special events such as movie nights or small performances in a natural amphitheater setting. Minimal in its programming, Beacon Hill Park acts as a serene counterpoint to the wide variety of activities available at Lakestone.